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Water Conditioning:

  • Why water softening or conditioning?
  • Simply put, hard water. The term, “hard water,” refers to water that has high mineral content. The most prevalent minerals that cause hard water are calcium and magnesium.
  • Calcium and magnesium come from ground and surface water in the form of dissolved limestone, rocks that are found in the river waterways that feed Calgary’s water systems. Calgary’s water ranges between 151 to 247 mg/L hardness.
  • Hard water is not harmful. However, hard water makes it difficult for other substances to dissolve in that water, including soaps and detergents. Some of the side effects of hard water are; dry, flaky skin, mineral build up household pipes and appliances using water.
  • When you call our expert plumbers in Calgary, you can expect highly skilled plumbing technicians who are knowledgeable on your choice between salt softeners and citric acid conditioners.

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