Boiler safety precautions you should be taking

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Boiler safety precautions you should be taking

Boiler safety precautions are easy steps you can take to protect your family from boiler-related problems.

Repairing or replacing your Calgary boiler is expensive, while simple care is cheap. Taking basic safety precautions is a great way to protect your bank account.

Regular boiler safety precautions

1. Check the operating pressure

Every modern boiler comes with a front panel that displays whether the operating pressure is correct, high, or low. If you notice your boiler doesn’t maintain the correct pressure it’s usually a sign that something is wrong.

The culprit is usually a leak somewhere in the system, commonly the radiators. Occasionally, the fault may lie with a boiler component that’s developed an issue.

In both cases, diagnosis and treatment are as simple as noticing a pressure problem and calling in a technician.

2. Look for leaks or drips

Another obvious sign that something is wrong with your boiler is water or, more rarely, air leaking from some part of the system.

Performing a quick check for leaks around your boiler every so often is an important safety precaution and only takes seconds to do.

3. Get regular professional maintenance

Measures like checking the pressure and spotting leaks are sensible, yet they are no substitute for the regular professional preventative boiler maintenance that is often required by law.

A trained technician will know how to give your boiler a full service, including all the pipes and lines, pumps, valves, gauges, and other components and accessories. They can also handle combustion tests and any other activities you don’t have the time or equipment for.

Preventative maintenance is the best precaution

These days, the only domestic boiler safety precautions most people want or need to take is to set up regular annual safety checks.

After your technician’s visit, you’ll know your boiler is in perfect working order and safe for another year.

Need to be sure your boiler is in full working order?

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