Pipe Inspection: Why do you need to schedule one?

Pipe inspection

Pipe Inspection: Why do you need to schedule one?

Your home is often your greatest asset, so protect your investment. Be proactive and book a pipe inspection today. Routine and regular plumbing maintenance will save you in the long term, allowing you to detect minor issues before they become big problems.

Here are a few more reasons why scheduling a pipe inspection will help your home in the long run:

Prevent blockages

Drain blockages don’t happen overnight. Debris slowly accumulate over time and clog pipes in even the cleanest homes. When a drain is blocked, the water accumulates in the pipes and develops a pungent odor in the air surrounding the drain. Are you noticing a smell? A pipe inspection will identify these blockages and have them cleared quickly, before it becomes a problem.

Keep pipes efficient

Your pipes are connected to large appliances, amenities and vital rooms throughout your home. Highly efficient homes translate to low utility bills. For example, if your pipes are clogged, the water is not flowing properly, which means you leave the tap on and run the water longer. Your increased water usage will cost you. Regular maintenance can ensure your home’s pipes are running efficiently, and the one-time cost of an inspection will save you money when that monthly bill comes.

Identify hidden damage

Generally, your pipes are hidden behind flooring and walls which means you can’t see a minor crack or leak in them. A routine video pipe inspection will identify these cracks or leaks and allow for a plumber to fix them before they turn into bigger issues. For example, Calgary Poly B replacements are on the rise due to deteriorating and leaking.

Discover future problem areas

Pipes tend to develop more issues over time. Regular pipe inspection will allow you to monitor the degradation of your pipes and give you notice as to when they may need repairing or replacing.

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