Why is sump pump maintenance so important

Sump pump

Why is sump pump maintenance so important

Installing a sump pump is a smart move if you want to keep your property safe from flooding or burst pipes. Sump pump maintenance is important if you want your pump to work when you need it most.

Whether you have never had to use your sump pump or you have had to use it more often than you’d like, you want to keep this vital piece of safety equipment in full working order.

Luckily, maintaining your sump pump is nice and simple. Here’s everything you need to know:

When should I maintain my sump pump?

Most of your sump pump’s time is spent sitting quietly in your basement, waiting to act. This is great for you, as you rarely have to think about it.

Unfortunately, this also means you may not notice immediately if something goes wrong. You should put full sump pump maintenance in your calendar every year and aim to do some quick basic maintenance every quarter too.

Why is sump pump maintenance so important?

  1. Safety – your sump pump might not need to act very often, but when it does you want to be sure it’s going to work.
  2. Pumping efficiency – when you do need your sump pump to start working, you’ll want it to work as fast as possible to keep your home free from water. A poorly maintained pump may not do the job fast enough.
  3. Service life – if you don’t want to have to replace your pump, keeping it in good working order is the best strategy. Ignored pumps are much more likely to break down.

How to maintain a sump pump

1) Do some quick quarterly maintenance

Every season, it’s best to check in with your pump and do a few simple bits of maintenance:

  1. Disconnect the power supply.
  2. Check for any obvious damage or problems.
  3. Remove and clean the pump inlet screen or opening.
  4. Reconnect the power supply.
  5. Test that the sump pump is working by pouring 20 litres of water into the sump pit, ensuring the pump activates to pump out the water.

2) Carry out proper maintenance every spring

Once per year, expand that quick check to full maintenance. You can do this at any time of year, but the start of spring tends to be best because that’s when your sump pump will see its heaviest use.

  1. Disconnect the power supply.
  2. Extract your sump pump from its pit.
  3. Clear the pit and the grate and clean the pump itself.
  4. Grease any bearings if your manufacturer’s instructions say they need it.
  5. Check the power cord and power source for damage.
  6. Check that the drainage pipes that take the water away from your home are sealed and that the final discharge pipe is clear and empties out far enough away.
  7. Place your sump pump back in its pit. Make sure it’s correctly positioned and level.
  8. Reconnect the power supply.
  9. Test that the sump pump is working by pouring 20 litres of water into the sump pit, ensuring the pump activates to pump out the water.

Common sump pump problems

If you’re investigating sump pump maintenance because you’re experiencing a problem and regular maintenance procedures haven’t fixed it, there are a few things you can check for:

  1. Sump pit water level – It is common to find a few inches of water in the bottom of your sump pit and the pump only turns on when water reaches the float switch.
  2. Power problems – most sump pumps are electrically powered. Check obvious problems like the wall plug coming out of the socket or damaged wires.
  3. Jammed float – sometimes your pump’s float will get stuck. This is one of the most common sump pump problems and can usually be easily rectified.
  4. Your sump pump won’t turn off – many things may lead to your sump pump being in constant use. Both sump pit water level and jammed floats can cause this. A constantly running sump pump or a full pit could mean parts of your sump pump are working improperly.

For some problems, calling in a professional is the only solution. When you do, be sure to call on a reputable local company with the experience needed to handle your sump pump maintenance and repair.

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