Garburator Repair and Garburator Installation

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Tired of your kitchen drain getting clogged up?


We do our best to keep food out of the kitchen sink but somehow it still ends up there and creates clogging issues from time to time as a result. You can keep getting your drain cleaned out, or you can take a different approach and be more proactive by getting a garburator installed. Kitchen drain cleaning is an annoying problem to deal with, but a garburator keeps it clean and clear by chewing up food scraps and feeding them down the drain using a heavy flow of water.


Keep your kitchen drain clean by using a garburator. We can recommend an ideal one for your kitchen sink and drain, and then install and wire it. You want nothing but the best in a Calgary kitchen plumber and we fit the bill! Contact Son-Rise Plumbing & Gasfitting today, we’re ready to help you and are experts at everything plumbing Calgary 403-274-1166.


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