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My home’s air feels dry, what can I do about it?

Let’s face it, living in Alberta means having to put up with lots of cold and dry weather. Because of the continental climate of our province and our distance from the nearest ocean, we get to experience dry hot summers and dry cold winters. Whether you like our climate or not, this has a direct impact on our homes by reducing the amount of moisture that exists within them – creating issues such as dry skin and throat, damage to flooring and furnishings, and static electricity, among other concerns.

A humidifier helps to bring in more moisture that can be controlled to the desired level at any given time. There are many different types of humidifiers, of varying sizes, but all with the same basic function to add moisture to the air. To easily address the humidity levels of your entire home, we provide options for central humidifiers. The central, or whole home humidifier, works by directly pulling in water from your home’s existing plumbing infrastructure and connects to the furnace blower. This allows you to humidify your entire home at once. It also allows you to control your home’s humidity level and to monitor it during the different seasons.

The benefits of controlled humidity in your home are impactful:

  • Health benefits: Relieve and address several dry-air related health issues, reduce snoring, and keep skin and hair moist.
  • Home benefits: Houseplants thrive, wood floors and furniture last longer, structural beams and posts stay in place, and there is less static electricity buildup.
  • Cost savings: The health and home benefits all add up to savings for you, and did you know that a more humid home feels warmer? That means in the colder winter months you’ll be able to turn that thermostat down an extra one or two degrees, saving you money.

There are a few items to consider, and simply be aware of, before you purchase and install a new humidifier:

  • Water quality: The quality of the water used in the humidifier can impact the results and longevity of the device. For example, hard water can generate mineral buildup which decreases the humidifier’s efficiency. Opting for filtered water over water with a high mineral content can help mitigate these issues.
  • Maintenance: To avoid bacteria growth or mold, correct maintenance of your home’s humidifier is critical. Disinfecting and scheduled cleaning is crucial to maintaining clean and humid air levels in your home.
  • Excessive humidity: Overuse of your home’s humidifier in a highly sealed home can spark more damage than good. An overly humid environment provides the perfect environment for mold growth with condensation sitting on the surfaces. This can damage the building structure including doors, walls and ceilings if not properly maintained.

We can answer any questions you might have. And, to keep your system running smoothly, we provide yearly maintenance services as well. Ultimately, humidifiers are a great way to increase the humidity levels indoors and can be particularly beneficial during the dry winter months. We highly recommend them.

Add moisture to your home and manage it to your liking using a humidifier. We have been plumbing Calgary for more than 35 years now, contact Son-Rise Plumbing & Gasfitting today at 403-274-1166 to see the quality of our expert Calgary plumbers in their finest form.


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