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My home’s air feels dry, what can I do about it?


Let’s face it, living in Alberta means having to put up with lots of cold and dry weather. This has a direct impact on our homes by reducing the amount of moisture that exists within them – creating issues such as dry skin and throat, damage to flooring and furnishings, static electricity, among other concerns. A humidifier helps to bring in more moisture that can be controlled to the desired level at any given time. It works by directly pulling in water from your home’s existing plumbing infrastructure and connects to the furnace blower.


Add moisture to your home and manage it to your liking using a humidifier. We have been plumbing Calgary for more than 35 years now, contact Son-Rise Plumbing & Gasfitting today at 403-474-0859  to see the quality of our expert Calgary plumbers in their finest form.


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