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Our team excels in providing Poly B™ (Polybutylene) pipe replacement services with the utmost honesty, professionalism, and integrity. At Son-Rise, we believe in treating each project with the same care and attention we would offer to our own grandmother’s home. Poly B™ is no longer sold in North America, and for good reason. The material erodes quickly, causing leaks and headaches.

Our skilled plumbers are not only well-versed in industry practices but also continuously enhance their expertise through ongoing professional development and training. We are devoted to transparency and customer satisfaction, always providing upfront pricing before commencing any Poly B™ pipe replacement project or other plumbing and gasfitting services.

With Son-Rise, you can rest assured that your home is in capable and caring hands.

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What Is Poly B™ Plumbing?

Polybutylene (Poly B™) piping was a popular type of plastic plumbing pipe used in many Calgary homes from the late 1970s to the mid-1990s. It was inexpensive and easy to install, but it was later discovered that Poly B™ pipes can be prone to leaks and breaks.

The problem is caused by the fact that Poly B™ piping systems are made of a type of plastic that can become brittle and crack over time, especially when exposed to chlorine in the water supply. If you have Poly B™ piping in your home, it’s recommended that you have your Poly B™ pipes replaced with a more durable material such as copper piping or PEX piping. Replacing your Poly B™ can improve your homes comfort and its resale value.

Why Do I Need Poly B™ Replacement Services?

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Poly B™ piping has so many drawbacks. Here are some of the main reasons you should replace your Poly B™ plumbing:

  • Breaks Down Due To High Temperatures. Your hot water tank is the main culprit! Over time, the heat coming from Calgary hot water tanks has a chemical reaction with the Poly B™ piping – making the material crumble and crack.
  • Chlorine Reaction. As you know, chlorine is found in Calgary water to prevent us from ingesting icky bacteria. The only issue chlorine isn’t too friendly to Poly B™ plumbing. Same as high water heater temperatures, Poly B™ slowly deteriorates and can cause water leaks down the road.
  • Poor Installation. Notice some bent piping? Brass fittings that are improperly connected? There can be a lot of shortcuts taken with Poly B™, resulting in improper installation and plumbing issues.

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Repiping Calgary

Replacing any type of piping in your home is a significant procedure that is often quite expensive. It is vital to know what factors might be at play and when it might be necessary.

We safely remove old worn pipes, install new ones, and then test residential plumbing systems to ensure it’s working perfectly. We have some of the very best Calgary plumbers on our team and are experts at everything plumbing in Calgary. Contact Son-Rise Plumbing & Gasfitting today at 403-274-1166 and we’ll have your home’s piping running smoothly in no time.

Signs It’s Time For Piping Replacement

There are several signs to be aware of regarding the re-piping of your home, including:

  • Frequent Water Leaks. When this happens, an entire system replacement may be in your home’s best interest to cut back on regular visits from plumbers and start fresh. A sudden increase in your water bill could be a sign you have a hidden leak.
  • Corrosion. If your home is over a half-century old your pipes may be experiencing lots of corrosion and need copper plumbing replacement. Visible corrosion can be an evident sign that your pipes may be deteriorating. Inspect any pipes that are exposed, whether they’re in your basement, utility areas or crawl spaces. Look for signs of corrosion or leaks. If you’re planning to invest in a renovation project, it might be a good time for Poly B™ replacement and make sure it aligns with the remodeling vision and fixtures. Keep in mind, new Poly B™ plumbing will also increase your home’s resale value.
  • Low Water Pressure. More specifically, look for low water pressure.  It could be due to a leak or blockage in your Poly B™ piping. These visual signs often take a long time to appear and by then it may be time to Poly B™ replacement.
  • Age Of Plumbing System. In addition to the age of plumbing systems, the type of pipes used in the initial piping of your home can also play a significant role. Varying types of pipes have different lifespans. For instance, steel pipes that are galvanized can last approximately 20-50 years, while copper pipes can last over 50 years. Have your pipes exceeded that lifespan? If so, it might be smart to start looking for a replacement.

Even when you don’t see the signs, your home’s plumbing may need attention. It’s important to consider the impacts old plumbing can have on the environment. Modern pipes are designed to run smoother, increasing the overall efficiency of the home. Replacing your pipes can be a more sustainable solution to reduce your family’s impact on the planet. And, it’s a win-win, less water usage also means cost savings for you.

Don’t forget, just because nothing is broken today, doesn’t mean something can’t happen tomorrow. Many homeowners choose the preventative maintenance option and Poly B™ replacement before any disaster occurs, which can save you money and stress in the long run by avoiding costly emergencies.

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