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What are some signals as to when to replace my home’s piping?


There are three main signs to be aware of regarding the re-piping of your home, including:


  • You have pipe leaking happening on a frequent basis. When this happens an entire system replacement may be in your home’s best interest to cut back on regular visits from plumbers and start fresh.
  • Minerals and rust are building up in your water, look for low water pressure and reddish-brown water coming out of the taps. Seeing the visual signs can take a long time though and by then it may be time to re-pipe.
  • If your home is over a half-century old your pipes may be experiencing lots of corrosion and need replacement.


We safely remove old worn pipes, install new ones, and then test the whole system to ensure it’s working perfectly. We have some of the very best Calgary plumbers on our team and are experts at everything plumbing Calgary. Contact Son-Rise Plumbing & Gasfitting today at 403-474-0859 .


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