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Tap repair and installation

Do you have a water tap that won’t stop dripping or a leak that needs to be fixed? If left unaddressed, these issues can create water damage and increase water bills. We can quickly fix any water tap in your house or install a new one if needed.

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Toilet repair and installation

All kinds of toilet-related issues can pop up any time, including flushing or tank problems, water levels that are too low, and whistling or dripping sounds. Whenever your toilet is acting up, you need to act. From repair to full replacement, we can take care of all your toilet needs.

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A garburator chews up food scraps that are then fed down the drain using a heavy flow of water. The idea is to keep your kitchen drain from getting clogged up. We can recommend a garburator that’s ideal for your kitchen sink. We’ll also install and wire it.

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Hot water tank repair and installation

Hot water issues are never fun. The professionals at Son-Rise Plumbing & Gasfitting can repair and maintain any hot water tank model and provide educated advice with sound installation when it’s time for a new one.

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Water heater repair and installation

Don’t let water heater issues become overwhelming. The Son-Rise Plumbing & Gasfitting team is there for you when your water heater leaks or need maintenance for any reason. If you need a water heater replacement, we provide educated advice and installation services.

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Water softeners/conditioners

The purpose of a water softener or conditioner is to treat hard water. Hard water is visible in a home when you see spots on glasses and utensils after washing, mineral build-up on shower heads and around the base of faucets, or soap scum in sinks and bathtubs. Water softeners or conditioners are among the most effective ways to treat hard water. To find out which system is best for you and your home, contact us today to book an appointment.

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Water filters

A residential water filter system helps provide clean water throughout your home’s main water line. It’s a perfect solution if your home uses well water. It can also help any homeowner to reduce sediment, odours and bad taste, while also extending the life of pipes and appliances. We can install any kind of filter in your home to ensure the water is ideal for every use.

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Calgary’s climate can really dry out the air in your home. We can install a humidifier so the moisture level is controlled to your family’s liking. We do this by putting in a system that pulls water directly from your existing plumbing and connects to the furnace blower.

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This process completely replaces the supply lines in your home. Corrosion of pipes and leaking can be major problems that require a new pipe system. We provide this service by first removing old pipes, and then by installing and testing the new system to ensure it’s in perfect working order.

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Drain Cleaning
Video pipe inspections

Using video drain piping technology, we conduct thorough, real-time pipe inspections to view their current condition from the inside out. We then clean and maintain them as required.

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Boiler repair and cleaning

Repairing boilers requires professional knowledge and experience. If your boiler is due for a cleaning or needs to be fixed so your home can be properly heated again, leave it to us to take great care of the repairs.

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Sump pumps

It’s important to keep your sump pump in fine working order at all times to keep your basement from flooding. We take care of all sump pump repairs, cleaning and ongoing maintenance so you can sleep at night knowing your home won’t be damaged by flood.

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Backflow prevention testing

A backflow prevention device is used to keep dirty water from puddles, storm drains and other outside water sources from flowing backward into clean drinking water. This backflowing water is also called cross connection. The backflow device needs to function properly to prevent contamination of your home’s drinking water. We offer regular or on-demand inspections and fix backflow prevention devices when needed.

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Gas piping / gasfitting

Moving or repairing natural gas lines must be done by professionals. Do you need to have your water heater installed or moved for a basement renovation? Perhaps you’re considering running gas to your stove or barbecue? Contact Son-Rise Plumbing & Gasfitting’s certified gas piping professionals today, we have expert knowledge in gas leak repair, new gas lines, termination of gas lines, garage heaters, BBQs, fire pits, ranges and dryers, hot water heaters, and more!

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