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What is the purpose of a sump pump?


A sump pump’s main purpose is to remove the water from the ground that’s located directly under your basement to prevent unwanted flooding within your home. A sump pump resides in the lowest part of your home in a tub – this tub collects water that otherwise would pool in your basement and do a lot of damage. The pump part of the equipment lifts and carries the water to your home’s sewer line or another drainage pipe where it’s then flushed out of harm’s way.


Things to understand about a sump pump


Perhaps most importantly, it’s vital that your sump pump in fine working condition at all times so it can function properly when called upon. The equipment should be regularly maintained and cleaned to ensure good working status, and of course, fixed whenever needed – the last thing you want is worrying about your faulty sump pump in an emergency flooding situation.


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