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Are you looking for a company to perform water heater repair in Calgary? Good news! Our team of professional plumbers and water heater specialists can perform repair, maintenance, and replacement. At Son-Rise Plumbing & Gasfitting, we understand the importance of your water heater in your life.

Don’t get stuck in cold water! Call us today to book your water heater maintenance in Calgary. Our business has been in the industry for nearly 40 years, and we’ve become a trusted source for all of your plumbing needs.
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Water Heater FAQs

If you have questions about water heater replacement in Calgary, or if you are just wondering about routine maintenance, we can help.

What Causes Hot Water Heater Leaks?

One of the most critical problems that you might experience with your water heater is a leak. If they are small, you usually have some time to get to them. However, large leaks need to be addressed as soon as possible.

A buildup of sediment or corrosive material can result in a water tank leak. If you suspect that your tank is leaking, call us immediately.

What is a Tankless Water Heater?

Save on space and energy costs with a tankless water heater. Also referred to as on-demand heaters, your water heater will immediately heat water when you require it. As soon as you turn your hot water on, it’ll use an electrical current or burner to instantaneously heat your water.

Your tankless water heater might cost more upon installation, but they often have a longer lifespan than traditional water heaters. If you’re interested in making the switch, we provide tankless water heater installation in Calgary.

We’re also proud to offer tankless hot water repair in Calgary.

Should My Water Heater Run All Day?

Your water heater will likely run about three hours each day.

Can My Water Heater Explode?

Yes, they can. This will depend largely on the degree of knowledge and care when installing. If the pressure inside the tank is too high, both electric and gas heaters can explode. Our team, however, at Son-Rise Plumbing & Gasfitting is highly professional and educated in such aspects of installation.

What is the Normal Electricity Range of a Water Heater?

You can expect your water heater to use on average 4000 watts and most households will use about 45 gallons of water per day. If you want to minimize your bill, you can use less hot water.

When do Water Heaters Need to be Repaired?

Though at times it may be challenging to know when a water heater needs to be fixed, there are a few signs to look out for to make that determination, including:

  • Water heater tank is making irregular noises
  • Hot water is in limited supply
  • Water takes too long to heat up
  • Rust showing up in your hot water
  • Water is pooling around the tank’s collection pan
  • A rumble-like sound is heard in the hot water tank or pipes when it’s on

If any of the above-mentioned signs are now apparent, it’s time to get your water heater repaired so that it functions normally again and complicated and expensive problems do not develop down the road.

If your water heater isn’t working as it should be, let us get it back into good shape, or if you need a new one, then we would be honoured to effectively install it. Our team consists of the best Calgary plumbers. Therefore, contact Son-Rise Plumbing & Gasfitting today at 403-474-0859 so we can work our magic.

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Why Son-Rise Plumbing & Gasfitting

Are you looking for a plumbing company that you can trust? Look no further than our team at Son-Rise Plumbing & Gasfitting.

It’s important that your hot water tank is working as well as your water heater. For a hot water tank replacement in Calgary, call us today.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee all the work we do. Whether you need emergency plumbing services or preventative maintenance, we make sure that our customers are completely satisfied with the work. Our team members are thoroughly background-checked and undergo extensive training to ensure that they can support your plumbing needs.

Financing Available

We work with Financeit to minimize the financial stress of your appointment. You can work with Financeit to pay for your services through monthly installments.

Upfront Pricing

We offer up-front pricing so that our customers know what the cost will be before any work begins. Up-front pricing ensures that there will be no surprises for you and you can feel more in control of your spending and budgeting.

Up-Front Pricing is combined with Options/solutions so our customers can benefit in the following ways:

  • Know how much each plumbing job is going to cost before we begin any work.
  • Be involved in the process of managing plumbing for their homes.
  • Remain in control of the amount of money they are spending.
  • Decide what the best solution is for them and their families.
  • Make knowledge based decisions.

Son-Rise Plumbing & Gasfitting takes great pride in ensuring that our customers have a solid understanding of what services they are paying for.

Other Services

We offer a full repertoire of residential plumbing, bathroom renovation and remodelling services. Whether you’re looking for mechanical maintenance, piping, drain cleaning or more, we can help.

We’ve been in business since 1983 and have created a strong reputation in Calgary for our services. We are proud to get the job done quickly and efficiently with upfront pricing and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We provide everything from fixture installation to water softener repair in Calgary.



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