Water softeners/conditioners

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Why does my home need a water softener/conditioner?


Within Calgary and around Alberta, the water is known to be relatively hard – meaning that it has a large amount of mineral content and deposits that build up and form to result in a home’s clogged plumbing. When using a water softener/conditioner piece of equipment, it helps to treat that hard water to soften it up.


What are some visual signs of hard water effects?


If your home has hard water and you don’t currently use a water softener/conditioner you will see mineral build up on shower heads, on faucets, spots on drinking glasses after cleaning them, and other similar effects.


If your home needs its water softened, then we would be happy to install a water softener/conditioner to accomplish that goal. Plumbing Calgary is what we specialize in, contact Son-Rise Plumbing & Gasfitting today at 403.274.1166 to get our team of Calgary plumbers working for you.